Livestream of the auction on October 17th 2020

The livestream will be broadcast directly from the halls of the Oldtimer Galerie on October 17th 2020, from approx. 1:00pm.
Please note that for technical reasons there will be a delay (latency) of 5-10 seconds.

The videos for the auction on October 17th 2020 are in the box

Also for this auction we have shot a short driving video of each, or almost each, vehicle.
The weather was fine on Sunday, October 4t, and thanks to volunteer Sunday workers, the filming was completed quickly.
Many thanks to all the helping hands and to our crew.


Auction premiere without audience in the salesroom

Special situations require special measures...
Therefore, the auction of 28 March 2020 was held without an audience in the salesroom, but with a livestream on our homepage and on two online auction platforms.

The Oldtimer Galerie became an improvised film studio and our crew took bids on up to five phones at the same time.

We thank our loyal and new customers for their active participation - be it online, by phone or by written bid.

We would also like to thank all friends, partners, the technicians - Benny Wyder from Swissmusicservice and Mario Hodler from Kilchenmann AG - and the media for their great support.

Autosprint CH


BLICK online .html


Berner Zeitung 




Autosprint CH after the Auction after the Auction


Turbulent days...
After the print catalogue was irrevocably on the assembly lines at Jordi Printing, we had to adapt to the latest official instructions in two additional stages. This meant acting. In the 3rd phase, as it was known that the 100 person limit was also forbidden, a quick decision was made during the coffee break on Thursday morning. Saint Peter was well-disposed towards us, the sun was shining. All auction vehicles, mainly from our employees of the closed restaurant, were driven out to the main entrance. This very short carpet ride was filmed and afterwards the cars were lined up under the open sky. Our workshop lift and a 4 column lift at our neighbours Graber Sportgarage AG were then available for underbody shots. Our old lift went on strike for the first time after a good 20 cars due to overheating. The ventilation of the lift motor by means of a compressor provided a functional remedy. In the evening at 9 pm all pictures and films were available on our computers and most of them could already be viewed by the public via our website. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our employees, neighbours and the manageable, understanding spectators including the police. Once again, I would like to express my special thanks to the Toffen Crew. Respect.

The hut keeper Reinhard Schmidlin

Below are the pictures in reverse order


"Sky is the limit" featuring @Bucketfeet_Switzerland and Beni's Startbar


Limited edition serigraphy poster from the auction on December 29th, 70x100 cm

The poster can be obtained from the points of sale below or ordered online:
- Oldtimer Galerie Int. GmbH, Gürbestrasse 1, 3125 Toffen
- Gstaad Tourismus, Promenade 41, 3780 Gstaad

Poster of the Auction on March 30th 2019
The poster you can download as PDF

Poster of the Auction on October 20th 2018
The poster you can download as PDF

Short movie of the CLASSIC CAR AUCTION on June 16th 2018 at the Dolder / Zurich
Thanks to Jordan Korneev

Swiss Classic Wold in Lucerne on May 26th & 27th 2018
Visit us in hall 2, stand 202

Retro Classics in Stuttgart on March 22nd to 25th 2018

Visit us in hall 1, stand 1F54

Short movie of the CLASSIC CAR AUCTION on December 29th 2017 in Gstaad
Thanks to Jordan Korneev

World record for David Bowies' Volvo


Report of the Auction on October 14th 2017 - German television GRIP

Short movie of the CLASSIC CAR AUCTION on June 17th 2017 at The Dolder Grand / Zurich
Thanks to Jordan Korneev


Our stand May 27th & 28th 2017 in hall 1 at the Swiss Classic World in Lucerne


Poster of the Auction on April 29th 2017

The poster you can download as PDF



Also this year we were participating together with the Graber Sportgarage and a few cars in hall 1.


Annual programm 2017

Report in german television